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Evangelii Gaudium by JonathanChanutomo
Evangelii Gaudium
anthromorphorism of Pope's Francis Apostolic Exhortation, it's about share the gospel with joyful heart.
i will bring this painting to The Pope this week, in Manila, following to his visit there to the victim of Typhoon disaster.
i paint her as a Filipina, with that famous mestiza dress (see that unique sleeve) she wears pink robe as symbol of joyful heart, and white as the symbol of the God's glory. to share the glory of God, we have to do it with joy, and bring joy to the people.
she bring torch, rather than cross, because i believe, gospelling today is not always about christening people, but to bring them to light, to be light and guide for them.
the background is about the storm, the calamity waves, and the disastered ruin, but her smile is tell us, that mercy of God is like oxygen in the air, we can exhale it, if we choose to. unconditional joy is happen when we choose to be joyful.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 by JonathanChanutomo
it's year of the goat in chinese calendar. let us be sexy and  though
PA-RUM-PA-PUM-PUM by JonathanChanutomo
Inspired by the song little drummer boy. this song really touches me!
Nostra Sol Invictus - Our Invincible Sun by JonathanChanutomo
Nostra Sol Invictus - Our Invincible Sun

the tradition of Christmas is an 'inculturation' between Christian tradition and Pagan Tradition. before Christian era, the Roman Pagans celebrate their son God, Mithra, as the Sol Invictus - the invincible sun every December 25, the winter solastice. after the christians come, they 'christening' this tradition, and replace god Mithra, with our God, Jesus Christ. who is the true God, the Sun of Truth, that is, of course invincible.
now, people all over the world celebrate Christmas, not the festive of sun god Mithra, whose popularity has been 'conquered' by the true invincible sun, Our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.

unfortunately, there are some denomination of Christian who refuse to celebrate christmas, because of the history of it, they think that when we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate the sun god Mithra.

However, Merry Christmas! we celebrate Christmas, not only to remember the birth of christ, 2 millenium ago, but to remind us, to prepare ourself, for his second coming, that we expect. SOON

Holy Family by JonathanChanutomo
Holy Family
 A comission for Christmas 2014. Merry Xmas guys, expect for HIS second coming. SOON!
1. Detailed head and shoulder
$35 (+$30 for each extra character)

Marissa and Aurelia by JonathanChanutomo Lydia in Red by JonathanChanutomo The Brute by JonathanChanutomo Dr. Ian and Officer Dakota by JonathanChanutomo Le Parfum et des Tentacules by JonathanChanutomoYellow Submarin by JonathanChanutomo

2. Detailed Half Body without or with simple background
$80 (+$60 for each extra character)

Starving Girl in the Subway by JonathanChanutomo  SS. Acceptance by JonathanChanutomo Marissa and her Brothers by JonathanChanutomo Happy New Year 2013! by JonathanChanutomo Ryan and Siamesse Cat by JonathanChanutomoThe Cosplayers by JonathanChanutomo The Nativity by JonathanChanutomo

3. Detailed Half Body with more complex background or frame
$125 (+60 for each extra character)

La Gitana by JonathanChanutomo Dewi Srikandi by JonathanChanutomo The Maiden and the Unicorn by JonathanChanutomoAfrican Supermodels by JonathanChanutomo The Little Red Riding Hood and a She Wolf by JonathanChanutomoGreed and Glutton by JonathanChanutomo

4.Detailed full body without or with simple background
$100 (+75 for each extra character)

Salt Water Flying Fish by JonathanChanutomoHomo Ergastus by JonathanChanutomo The Rococo Cheescake by JonathanChanutomoI'm Dreaming of a WILD Christmas by JonathanChanutomo Venus in Furs by JonathanChanutomo First Star by JonathanChanutomo Santa Baby by JonathanChanutomo

5. More Complex Painting with detailed background or/with frame
Price by Request

Wrath of Kraken by JonathanChanutomo Kuntilanak and Sundel Bolong by JonathanChanutomo Veritas by JonathanChanutomo  Tragoedia Gloriosa by JonathanChanutomo  Gorgon by JonathanChanutomo  Pink Seashore Hospital by JonathanChanutomo Her Majesty the Queen by JonathanChanutomo  Omnia Vanitas by JonathanChanutomo

6. Tattoo Design
Price by Request

Psalmo XXII by JonathanChanutomo Tattoo Designs by Jonathan Chanutomo by JonathanChanutomo

7. Caricature - (Photo+Painting)
$25 for each character

CARICATURE COMPILATION 2 by JonathanChanutomo CARICATURE COMPILATION 1 by JonathanChanutomo Caricature Compilation 3 by JonathanChanutomo

8. Chbi
$35 for each character

National Holyday of Kuwait by JonathanChanutomochibi 1 by JonathanChanutomo


So that's the general guidelines, if you have any extra details we can talk it through notes later. The price would adjust accordingly.

Commission order details :
1. Firstly contact me through notes or email <>
2. Payment only through paypal, and here my paypal address <>
3. - you can pay me the whole price in front
    - You can pay half after i send you the rough sketch and the other half after you've seen the preview of the final artwork.
4. The final output would be JPEG res 300dpi
5. Revisions, tweaks, or changes is acceptable along the progress ( i'll update you with the progress through email). But you got only 1 chance after the finished piece.

some notes:
- nudity is acceptable ( just talk to me about it ;) (Wink) )
- No refunds or buyer's remorse!
- please be specific, providing any references also would be nice. So i can understand what your needs
- any more details ? just ask me ;) (Wink). I won't bite :D (Big Grin)

Thank you :) (Smile) !


jonathan chanutomo
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hello, my name is Jonathan Chanutomo, I work as an Illustrator, using digital techniques. My field is Fantasy, Surrealism, and erotic arts. if you interested with my art, and want a commission, just send me a private note :D


Heisenberg by MisterLopes

it's a great portrait anyway, but i think it gonna be better if you done the chemical things with pencil also, so you will have consist...

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Eryono Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Wonderful work! 
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thx my friend!
NudeTaylor Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You are welcome!  If you like my look and ever need reference photos, I would be honored to give some to you.  I have thousands that are not posted on dA (that also fully show my face) - everything from classic nudes to highly erotic.  Keep up the great work!

JonathanChanutomo Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
i will be honored. maybe i can do it in my next project. i will send you a note when i need it. thx my friend!
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LBAMagic Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the fave on multitasking. wave remake btw i really enjoyed your gallery. you are very imaginative and have excellent artwork skills. Cutie Thumbs Up 
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